Tucson Real Estate Appraiser InfoStatistics from MLS reporting is showing a lot of positive gains in the Tucson Real Estate Market. Total home sales have increased by approximately 16%. The average sale price also rose by 4.75%. The average listing price in Tucson also increased from $164k to approximately $171k.

These statistics show that the Tucson real estate market is starting to bounce back. So what does this mean for home owners and home buyers?

For home owners it shows that the value of your property may be returning or increasing. It also is telling us that the amount of time it will take to sell your house is slowly decreasing from a past market sale time from 80 days to 77 days. So if you are looking to sell your house, this is good news, and we hope that it continues to move in this direction as the market recovers.

For home buyers, this means get to action. If the market continues to improve, the costs of purchasing a house is also going to go up. The trends show that it will continue to improve, so now is that time to start looking for a property. Make sure that you consult with a real estate appraiser and real estate agent before falling in love with any new properties.